Updates and Features: Winston Forges Ahead with New Content in 2023

Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience with the site. I am working on new content for lelawinston.com with updates to come. Please subscribe so that we can stay in touch at: winstonmediaconcepts [at] live.com.

I am also looking for writers and academics from divergent perspectives to share their ideas, theories and initiatives on media, science,

While you already know about me from my bio and presskit here at the website, you can find out a but more about my travels in Africa in this article by the Saint Louis American.

Cool fun fact, when I was a teen, I had a program mentor who volunteered from this exact newspaper to help me grow as a writer AND Willie Jolley gave an amazing speech that inspired me to believe in the power we all hold to do good in the world. I will leave you with that quote. I can recall knowing deep down, that this life was going to be one hell of a journey. And i was right.

I remember how warm and hopeful it made me feel–and I still feel nostalgic when I hear it today. I hope it inspires you too:

“My friend I wish health to you,
I also wish wealth to you;
I wish the best that life can give to you,
And may dreams always come true to you.
May fortune be kind to you,
And happiness be true to you;
And love be so sweet to you
And life be long and good to you.
And in this toast we give to you
Our love we all give to you.” ~ Willie Jolley

Thanks everyone for your patience. I’ll see you in the future!

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