World News Roundup 2022

Taiwan President Quits DPP After KMT Win

China–Election proved once again to be pivotal in Taiwan.  Particularly for the  Democratic Progressive Party on the local level, where the party floundered. It’s leader later resigned as chair.  Perhaps the most telling factor is that local people voted overwhelmingly for the Pro-Beijing Kuomintang–proving the visits and rhetoric orchestrated in recent times demonstrated DPP aspirations and external pressures more than the will of the people.   Local people know much more that China coupled with its Hong Kong administrative region comprises the bulk of Taiwan trade ( $104 billion and $50 billion respectively-OEC Data). That is 3 times the trade that the US offers. In times where it seems Western leaders disregard the will of their people, Taiwanese locals knew well to look out for their own interest and maintain peace and economic growth.  Regions like Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa are on the rise; so locals saw no reason to sacrifice their fortunes for far-away dying empires, the way Ukraine has. Ultimately people want peace across the Strait.

UK Postures Against East Via Proxies

United Kingdom–The UK Chair House of Commons Foreign Relations visit Taiwan with promise to defend Taiwan.  This comes just days after UK PM,  announced the close of Britain’s “Golden Era,” with China. In its promise to defend, It is  unclear whether Taiwan leaders understood the irony in such a promise. A promise from a former colonial power obviously leaves much to be desired in the earnest of its intentions, particularly in recent times in the face of Ukraine.

Germany Chancellor in China, Spins Deals to Slow Decline

Deutschland–De-Industrialization continues to advance in Germany; with its Chancellor visiting China in recent weeks to slow the process via key trade deals.  Despite the hawkish speeches from the EU, US and Canada these economies are still largely hobbled. Unfortunately, these states continue to prioritize the military industrial complex,  disenfranchise citizens and refuse to tackle their systemic problems.

Pivot Forges New Directions in News-Sharing

US–lela_winston at Twitter was arbitrarily, permanently suspended from November 26, 2022.  The account acted principally as a news analysis/aggregator, offering commentary, slice of life and motivational quotes. The account, opened in October 2012 was followed by nearly 3000 followers which comprised local and international politicians, celebrities, dignitaries, journalist, professionals and people from around the world. Its been a pleasure informing the public, even as journalistic freedoms continue to erode.  Winston still believes being informed in a changing world is necessary to make the best decisions. You can still get updates on news and analysis by joining the organic mailing list at and contracting analysis services.  

KDF Rethinks Objectives in Recent Syria Clashes

Syria–The fighting in Syria has taken a major turn as the pro-US backed Kurdish Defense Forces (KDF) have begun pulling back from engagements with US interests.  The move comes after Turkey has stepped up support to eradicate the Islamic State. In an unusual turn of events, the US Pentagon issues terse statements .  The US has a tradition of arming minority tribes and fringe groups unable to competently govern regionally without help, in exchange for US interests in the region.

China Mourns Passing of  Beloved  Ex-Chairman

Beijing—Chinese Leader  and general Secretary of the CPP Jiang Zemin passed away in November 2022.  Jiang also had an illustrious military career and served under Chairman Mao Zedong, leading his people on a military campaign that wrested millions of Chinese from under British Colonial repression to the become the 2nd largest economy in the world. Jiang has been a part of lifting millions worldwide out of poverty through China’s Belt and Road Initiative.  The people of China and the world mourn his passing.

CCP Lifts Some Zero Covid Restrictions

China–The CPP has chosen to lift some restrictions of its Zero Covid policy.  The move is quite a departure from the draconian vaccine mandates and restrictions of other states worldwide who never heeded their populations requests, demonstrations and pleas for mitigating initiatives.  Additionally, China like Russia has never implemented fascist vaccine mandates.  In fact, recent comments by the Canadian PM condemning China’s Zero Covid policy is a slap in the face to its citizens, particularly those involved in the Covid Trucker Strikes.

US Offers Jamaica $34 Million USD in Unrequested Aid

Jamaican officials met with the US State Department Undersecretary, commiting US $34 million USD for violence reduction, combatting human trafficking, cybersecurity, energy security, and initiatives to boost the economy in late November 2022. The move comes as the US grapples to maintain hegemony in the Caribbean and Latin America.  The US State Department acts as the US foreign relations arm and national defense.  It is unclear why the US targetted Jamaica for and what such initiatives will mean for local Jamaicans, it’s stability or local politicians.

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