Three Tips for Navigating the New Communication Landscape

While the world continues to speed along into new frontiers, so too must your communications strategy.

Many SMEs and particularly small businesses and entrepreneurs are increasingly relying on social media,

and that is a good thing.  However, as times and values change, it is necessary to be vigilant as a social media manager, communications professional, publicist or entreperener to look after the well-beingof your company or brand.  This means you need to create palpable solutions for the contingencies and shifts in both policy and performance of digital media. Recently, Twitter account @lela_winston was randomly suspended; and I want to share some tips I always follow as a rule of thumb as a communications professional.

While I dont have personal social media; I do for professional and creative pursuits. Below you will find three tips to help you navigate the new reality:

One: Diversification 

It is easy as a small business owener to focus your efforts on the popular social media sites within your country or industry.  And there is definitely benefits for SMEs, digital marketers, influencers and entreperneurs in those areas.  However, what happens if one or all of those companies suddenly take a turn to exteme policies and rules?

Most are not prepared to pivot should such changes take effect.  For example, in 2021 Korean Naver Corporation took a major turn in ownership, and many of its top executives cashed in their shares and took golden parachutes to safety.  Since that time the company has faced major difficulties including a data center fire that shut its digital services down for days.  The takeway:  Keep your eye on what is happening in leadership at any company that provides communication services,

and diversify your media offerings away from only popular media platforms.  Be sure to cross advertise those smaller sites where you have a presence with your followers, friends, customers and supporters. Be sure they know where they can find you.  

And remember, diversify, diversify, diversify!

Two: Location: Go East, Go South, Young Man!

Increasingly media, communications and other kinds of digital platforms are becoming political even nationalistc.  While this can be good for elections and rallies, this is piss poor for business.  Some changes can be mercurial, based on company leadership, company scandal, or country leadership.  To guard against irrational actors, be sure to vary the geolocation of the digital, communication or other platforms and systems you use.  This means look to companies and providers in other parts of the world where there is better stability or where neutrality is more valued.  Don’t just look at the features, look at where the company is based to be sure that you have options. 

Generally, the idea is don’t put all of your eggs in one national basket.  If all of your social media or communications platforms are in the USA, or Italy etc., that is not a good sign.  Be mindful of cultivating companies with divergent locations.

Three: Fortification (Backup Contingency Plans)

Always provide your fans, supporters, followers and groups with options should your primary platform source take a turn for the extreme, the irrational or the red-taped. Many companies are often not thinking long-term, so it is a good idea that you do!  Be sure to think about ways to fortify your offerings, media presence and other salient  connections. Consider employing points one and two also into your fortification plans.  Remember, there are a lot of options out there!  Whether you are a communincations professional for your company, a CEO or an entrepreneur looking out for your brand, always have a plan.

If you need help funding new tech, new platforms and alternatives, I can help!

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