Communication for Impact

In the early days it was easy to communicate any message you wanted regardless of the verity of it.  Those with access to mainstream media, powerful television and radio stations and crafty marketing agencies were able to create the narrative they wanted. Viewers were to be counted and not heard–regardless of how skewed the depiction.

These day, that is no longer the case.  Influential media houses and influencers are popping up all over the world.  They are redefining their archetype and providing crystal clear coverage that often directly contradicts the tall tales of the old brass. 

If you are a media house, entertainment xompanyor brand that wants to tell it’s own local stories beyond your borders.  Here are three ways you can increase communication for impact:


You have a great platform telling stories in your local language. But if the people in your community conduct international business, they need other people to know about where they come from. Authentic media helps tell the real story that informs your local and international  viewers. 

Consider presenting news, content and advertising in the major language where business, politics and trade intersect.  For instance, if you do business in China, be sure to use Mandarin in your content, as it is the most widely spoken language there. Or perhaps if your fellow citizens do major business in East Africa consider offering a Swahili version. Be sure your media converts.

I offer independent English/Spanish news writing, reporting, adverts and digital marketing for media seeking to reach English or Spanish audiences (X countries use English as a 1st or 2nd language and X countries use Spanish as a 1st or second language). Fast, easy turnaround on projects and articles.


One of the great keys of communications is colloquialisms. Specifically using the language your readers use most. To be sure they understand, use terms they understand. Help explain differences with currency conversions, measurements and other terms characteristic to your locale. For instance, people in the US do not use the Metric System and many are clueless about anything beyond that.  If you want to secure a strong American readership, be sure to provide quick conversions in your article/content to facilitate understanding.   For example: “James Jones said the machine was 1 meter in length (about 1 ft).”


Ever wonder how you can share a Facebook post on a completely different platform? It’s because of collaborative efforts to network the networks.  If you provide media resources, consider collaborating with other producers or platforms to create dynamic networks. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket with popular sites.  You might want to create an app to deciminate your news/content yourself. Make sure your app is light and easy to download, keep it under a threshold of megabites. Try not to make it too API heavy which can slow down your app. And don’t forget to offer a dedicated download point apart from Apple and GooglePlay. Make your app available at other app stores online.  Many smaller stores will offer you low to no cost listing and reach users in diverse regions.

Truth is, the world is ready for your news and views. The evolution of media has created international consumers of news, entertainment and art.  It’s time to connect with your following no matter they are in the world!

For communications consulting for your specific need or interest, schedule a consultation today.  I am happy to help!

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