Thank You 2022!

Welcome to the last 2022 blog!  It has been a great year with lots of exciting changes around the world. I am particularly excited about what 2023 holds in store for communications,  technology and world changes. I am hopeful for the future,  particularly for developing economies and emerging producers.  It is time for those in the shadows to take their place on the world stage and provide the balanced leadership, innovation and cooperation that continues to change our world.

Segmenting the LELAWINSTON.COM Blog
This year we have segmented the blog here at  This blog which covered news and geopolitical analysis,  communications theory and practice, travel, wellness and even tech has made the change!  Now all of our geopolitical and economic analysis will be housed at There you can find news and geopolitical articles and support independent media! and if you are a reporter or academic, you are invited to share your vantage point there! There are exciting things in the world and it is the hope that the information and news you find there helps you to make better decisions about life, business and the world.  People who don’t want you to know the truth rarely have your best interest at heart.  News isn’t for you to get depressed, it’s to empower you to create solutions. We don’t bury our head in the sand over here, so if you want clear, unvarnished truth about geopolitics be sure to check out every Monday for new articles.

And, mid week you can find articles about Communication, tech and travel here.  We love proverbs, so our annual early January African Proverbs for Business, Life and Wellness will continue. But I absolutely LOVE proverbs from Native Americans and China, so we’re adding special insights from those traditions in Spring and Summer.

Travel Updates
In my travels, I have found a lot of truth.  Much of that truth helps me see past the glossy haze of my first world life and some of the odd concepts concocted by mainstreme media on the right and the left. For example, while there is talk of being woke or not woke, as a travelling communications professional and journalist, it has been my experience that the poorest people are the least woke of all. That the term “woke,” hijacked from Black American vernacular by people in mainstream media who didn’t have a real clue about what it really meant, have not seen the depths of what it means to “not be woke.” Many of the world’s poorest people are broke precisely because they are NOT woke enough and continue to be hoodwinked by the same baubles and bells that promise them growth but only deliver more poverty.   It’s painful as a traveller to watch people repeat the same mistakes as their ancestors, generation over generation believing the same crooks who took their resources will help them get them back.  You’ll find some of my travel commentary here,  but I’ve wrapped a lot of it into an introspective book and an eTravelMemior. You’ll be able to get the book for maybe 25 bucks; and the eTravelMemiors will probably come out quarterly if you want a candid update on what I’ve been doing around the world throughout the year for maybe $9.99 or $13 bucks.

My Endless Love
Communications will remain a mainstay here along with tech. Y’all know I love it and I will be exploring Public Relations,  new technologies, communication styles from around the world and more! Travel gives an interesting insight into the various verbal and non-verbal communication styles in the world. This is fascinating to know that there may be new methods of creating tech, social media and telecommunication based on these diverse traditions.  I am definitely there! And if you are a tech company, professional, expert or got a new app/theory …let’s chat!

Here to Serve
I’m still consulting! Available for Public Relations services, Press releases, Public Statements, Speech-writing and on-screen training, Nonprofit/NGO outreach,  marketing,  digital campaigns, grant writing,  and now, I offer training and courses. Happy to Zoom-you or visit your location, school or institution to train or give a seminar. I offer seminars on sales, marketing and customer service. Also seminars on Africa, culture, travel and living for travellers from outside Africa.  I’m still in the business of doing well while doing good, so I’ll be looking for a non-profit/NOG or religious organization to provide Probono Services. If you want to be considered or suggest a company, use the contact form below.

Final Update Before 2022:

The good guys are gonna win it. Keep your spirits as high as your hopes. Believe there are still good people in the world. That love is all around you and that you have the power to change the world. You may be only a drop, but you are all of the ocean in a drop. Keep going, my independent journalists and truth-tellers, you are saving lives and making the world a safer place. I’m looking forward to 2023 with you. Whatever my hopes and plans for the new year–for new content and better services, it will always be God over everything for me. Thanks for the memories 2022.

C’mon 2023, let’s do this!

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