A Tech World Evolving

Recently in a landmark case against tech giant, Google, India won a judgement in its Competition  Commission concerning the techco’s monopoly on mobile and smart phone operating systems and core apps. The ruling brings with it fines worth $161 million USD according to a Reuters reports. In an attempt to stem attrition, Google has quickly begun compliance. This has come in the face of growing discontent in the world, over the place technology has taken. Ironically the discontent has come on the heels of the US led crusade against China Tech, more specifically Huawei. Just recently the South China Morning Post reported, the US FCC (Federal Trade Commission) banned more Huawei ZTE hardware and Berkshire Hathaway sold $44.9 billion USD shares of China BYD Electric Car Manufacturer and Supplier in Q1 of 2023.

Putting together the pieces of change in tech and mobile communications will be essential for SMEs, burgeoning developers and entrepreneurs alike.  Keeping one’s finger on the pulse of tech is essential. And why does the India case bode so influenially on the tech ecospheres in other region?  Because it is indicative of a growng trend or major shift in tech development, dissemination and most especially operating systems.

Just recently, India unveiled, BharOS, a new mobile operating system designed to work with smartphones and give users the same or better usability as the Google OS or Apple.  This means that tech companies and even smart phone manufacturers will need to license and install new operating systems for their devices. It means you as a business, professional, or developer may find new markets and options for commerce and communication.

If tech is shifting on the OS side of software and hardware in smartphones, could there also be a shift in other technologies like CPUs?  What will it mean when the dominance of core systems migrate?  Certainly there will be initial challenges, but the human capacity to evolve and assimilate new technologies makes this hurdle highly palpable. We saw this with the shift from the almighty Canadian RIM BlackBerry phone debuted in 1999 to the sleek new reality of modern smartphones.   Now the name belongs to an Indonesian mobile company after Research In Motion (RIM) folded in 2016 and the brand licenced rights and sold to various techcos in India and south Asia. The disruptions occurring in many quadrants are now forcing tech to catch up.  And it seems it is eager to oblige.

After the massive 2019 Huawei ban in the United States and parts of Europe,  the Chinese manufacturer developed its own Operating system in 2019 and used in smart devices in 2021.  Now we see India following suit with BharOS in 2023.  The question then becomes how to navigate a new landscape where even tech dominance is shifting.   For entrepreneurs it may mean being much more international than in previous years.  Especially those who see a wider model of trade opportunities and wish to access the myriad markets new tech brings to the fore.

New AI capacities will doubtlessly be developed under different rubrics of design in various countries. It may be possible in the future to download an operating system as easily as it is to download an app.  Users may be able to choose their experience depending on the region and the flexibility of their mobile device. 

While change is stirring in some quarters, conformity in others.  Recently the EU Parliament ordered that Apple and other techcos had to use standard usb-c charging attachments that fit other smartphones and digital devices.  The ruling is key to standardization and user rights, but also part and parcel with the growing pushback against tech monopolies. 

The goal as is stated in the case with India is to allow users choice and to allow for open market competition.   Increasingly it seems many of the world’s top tech companies hailing from Silicon Valley are more hesitant about the free market in global world of new tech powers, than the globalization of tech labor and their own technologies to far away lands.

Whether you are a tech professional, individual user, entrepreneur or corporation the new emerging landscape in tech will require a finger to the pulse of change. Even the massive reordering in Silicon Valley in recent times is an indication of the growing insecurity there.  Many are following tit-for-tat politics unstead of a winning business model toward their own ruin. Politicos dont understand tech or business and it shows.

Sun Tzu said in the Art of War, that in the midst of chaos, there is opportunity.  And yet while all of these changes look like chaos, there is a definite direction in the evolution leading to new opportunities. As we look at developing markets moving closer to CBDCs or blockchain currencies, we can understand that technology is not just connecting economies, but that they are influencing these economies to innovation as well.

How might your company step into the new markets emerging for diversified tech and tech access?  Huawei has stepped into major agreements/MoU with Saudi Arabia and Germany.  It opened its second store in Jeddah, according to a Xinhua report in January 2023. And newer tech ventures will emerge.  As we see predicted in earlierreports here on the growth of tech, it continues to migrate where it can advance.   It is naive to believe that tech and the human race for excellence in these areas will be stopped by policies and exclusionary techniques.  When Google banned its Android operating system In China, new options emerged.  In fact, we already see the growing shift in technology today.

The underlying point,  as we watch the advance of new systems and technologies is that one must be ready to pivot and explore.  The wonder and awe of what is developing in national enclaves around the world is inspiring.  Even as we were awestruck by the debut of hypersonic technology, it is unfair to limit ones capacities and the great possibility of the future, or count out the brilliance developing in countries around the world who will doubtlessly challenge the status quo and transform the market.

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