The Commsletter

As April comes to a close, I want to let everyone know about the Commsletter.  It’s a monthly newsletter that troubleshoots and critiques communications and messaging in public life and offers advice.

There will be feedback on press conferences, public statements, publicity and public misteps and other PR/Communications related happenings around the world.  We will also look at ways to improve communications and explore intiatives that work–and those that don’t. 

Aside from that, there will be personal and professional updates there about me and others in communications, news or public relations space.  There will even be a few opportunities posted for those in fields of communications related work.  

If you want to receive the Commsletter, be sure to sign up below.  You can also send me a message here! Hopefully we can grow into a community of diverse communicators that can learn and grow from each other. 

May is upon us so soon! Happy New Month in advance!

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