The Economics of the Erotic

It is estimated that sex trafficking earns nearly nearly 100 billion dollars per year, according to Human Rights First, an organization focused on the ills and prevention of human rights abuses.  The recent arrest and subsequent suicide of American business man and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein shed brought more attention to the scourge of human trafficking…

Bolivia Refocuses Fight for Socioeconomic Stability

Just this past October, Bolivian president Evo Morales and his team launched a new project to combat drug trafficking in his nation. The Centro Regional de Inteligencia Antinarcoticos or CERIAN, as it is called will nationalize the push to find, prosecute and eliminate the scourge that has plagued many Latin American nations for decades. According…

China At 70: On Trade & Economic Autonomy

On October 1st, China will celebrate the founding of the People’s Republic of China.  China has accomplished in 70 years, what the West has only been able to achieve over hundreds of years and with the help of chattel slavery, wars, colonialism and aggressive socioeconomic policy.   It is mind blowing to think that China was…

National Health the Superpower of Growing Nations

Few people realize major financial and social toll of the large scale humanitarian crises that we gawk at daily on our televisions or smart phones.  We do not fully understand the generational trauma being inflicted by needless skirmishes, years of infrastructural and financial deprivation and the escalation of petty domestic conflicts that rob businesses and…

The Economics of Chaos

More specifically, the power to control those resources have become the proverbial bottom line.

The Recession the West Needs

By all indications, it looks as though the world is moving into another recession.

And that’s good. Yes, that’s fantastic for the Fractal Banking system. Especially for the world banking system and the dollar.

Haiti: An Opportunity Missed

It has largely been the victim of those who came to “save” it from recent misfortunes. The imperative to create more inclusive systems of economic, trade and finance beckons even more.

On Entropy: The Shifting World

As children, sometimes the most asinine things earn our attention.  At least in the old days they did, back when children played with toys that didn’t talk back or require a lithium battery to operate. One of those old affects was the proverbial spinning top. An awkward space-ship looking toy that, with the right torque…

Saving the Dollar: Shifting Priorities in a Dying Monetary System.

It looks like China has beat the U.S. to the punch once again, devaluing its currency to just above its customary 7:1 ratio. The move is key in the equilibrium of the money ratios that determine the costs of goods and services. It is key to view the developments with the understanding that U.S. talks…

Saving Your Self: Social Media

The US has the highest social media penetration of any country. but the U.S is not alone, now more than ever, people around the world are logging on.

Dirty Little Secrets of Social Media’s Back Alley

But, then the algorithms changes just kept changing. From Google, to Facebook, to Instagram, Twitter and more, it became harder to find what you wanted or to even see posts and shares from people you actually followed…

Plan of Attack: Making Social Media, social again.

Your Social Brand: Consider your social media interactions as a part of your personal brand. Ask a friend or relative look through your social media and tell you their impressions. This will help you understand better how you come across on social media. Having your social media appraised annually by a friend, family member or professional is a good idea.