My Story

I am from a little town in the Midwest, where saying hello to your neighbor was as important as morning coffee. Childhood was filled with school lessons, exploration and play. Transported from my heartland home by books, songs and midday reveries, my first job in middle school was as a volunteer at my local library. There I learned the joy of public service and reading and from that day forward, I have been a lifelong public servant.

Lela Winston

Early on, I learned to read and write. I wrote my first book at four years old. My dedication to the written word was manifest in my prolific childhood writings. But I wasn’t only writing stories, I was observing how humans interact, communicate and teach each other. My interest grew, as I endeavored to understand all of the ways it influenced our world.

That is why I am dedicated to helping small businesses, artists, nonprofits, and developing nations harness the power of communication to reach the world, their constituency, & most of all their people. I believe the media we ingest daily informs our culture, buying choices, and life paths.

There’s a lot you can learn from a little town in the Midwest.

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