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83. The Making of a Man: Social Safety for Boys & Men 

82. Monday News Roundup (August 14, 2017) 

81.  In It to Win It: How to Find The Answers You Need (August 11, 2017) 

80. The Power of Belief:  Transform Your Fear into Faith (August 7, 2017)

79.  PR Tips for Social Media (August 4, 2017)  

78.  My Top Five Reasons To Visit Africa  (July 31, 2017) 

77.  Branding You Career and Your Biz! (July 28, 2017) 

76.  Updates, Webinars and Akon Lighting Africa  (July 24, 2017)

75.  Missing  Burundi Teens Highlight 1-Size-Fits-All Approach to African States  (July 21, 2017) 

74.  Adding Value Through Reevaluation & Research (July 17, 2017)   [/audio]

73.  Money for Churches, Nonprofits and Community Organizations Starts Here!  (July 14, 2017) 

72.  Coming Soon . . .  

71.   Activate Your Digital Life Coach 

70.   The Best Kept Secret to Scale in Africa  

69.  CommonSins Podcast:  Tanzania’s Measures to Curb Teen Pregnancy  

68.  CommonSins Podcast:  Visit WWW.LELAWINSTON.COM   

67.   CommonSins Podcast:  Navigating Culture in Life, Love and Work  

66.  CommonSins Podcast: The Economy of Protection  

65. CommonSins Podcast: Finding the Way  

64. CommonSins Podcast:  The People Investment  

63.  CommonSins Podcast: Embrace the Stillness  

62.  CommonSins Podcast: The New Africa China Paradigm  

61.  CommonSins Podcast:  This Is Your Time   

#60.  CommonSins Podcast:  To Get Lost Is To Learn the Way  

E59.  CommonSins Podcast:  Love Local:  Extending Grace in Familiar Places  

E58. CommonSins Podcast: World News Roundup 

E57. CommonSins Podcast: The Catch 22 Relationship  

E56. CommonSins Podcast:  Prepared for Takeoff  

E55. CommonSins Podcast: What Have We Done? 

E54. CommonSins Podcast: Be Your Own Hero (May 1, 2017).  

E53. CommonSins Podcast:  April Africa News RoundUp (April 28, 2017).    

E52. CommonSins Podcast: Image Matters (April 24, 2017).  

E51. CommonSins Podcast: Learn the Day (April 21, 2017).

E50. CommonSins Podcast: SA vs. S&P: The South African Uhambo (April 17, 2017).