The Best Marketing on the Planet: Grassroots

. . . grassroots marketing is probably one of your most effective business tools. It’s most effective, because it relies on the massive power of word of mouth which remains the top form of marketing.

We Will Remember In Deeds

On days like this, always allude to our higher selves by going out to volunteer a few hours or getting together friends to help a Habitat for Humanity Project.  These are all admirable gestures, but by far we as professionals need to invest more.  Especially where it is really needed in our communities and cities. …

Part 2: Pieces of an Unfinished Diary

While I was in Accra, I attempted to write my thoughts in a diary.  Collecting pieces and impressions just moments or hours after the interaction helped me to capture them in more vivid terms than even a recollection from today.  So, I’ve pieced together little pieces of my Diary–those events I can share! “Ghana is…

Five Reasons Why You’re Awesome

Your ability to do good directly influences the volume of good in our world, making it possible for you to be absolutely awesome every single day.