Media Lessons from the International World

When I was new in the social media game, I assumed the more followers, likes and fans I had the better. And for a great many social media managers and companies, that is still the overall thought. It always looks good to have a wide cadre of followers and fans, seeing your “content” and your…

Democratizing The News Cycle

The concept that the top news networks would be held by only a few powerful companies used to be a point of high contention for most journalists. The idea that messaging and news would be held in the hands of a powerful few is the worste nightmare of a true journalist (and quite honestly, humanity)….

Turkey: Innovative Trade Hub of the Future

In 2013 Turkey’s Simplified Customs Corridor with Russia amassed a trade volume of $100 million dollars, by 2015 the trade volume had rose by nearly 50 percent to 142 million dollars.  The rise in trade volume for this voluntary agreement signed in 2008 helps exporting companies simplify customs procedures.  Due to its key position in…

Why Africa Needs African-Americans

Yes.  While it may seem like a proud thing to say, it’s simply an observation based on evidence and history.   It is an incontrovertible fact that most developing economies in modern history gained massive strength through its Diaspora. One area African Americans (U.S., Caribbean, South America) can be of greatest help is in the fair…

Media Through the Looking Glass

As an American and a communications professional, I tend to have an in depth view of how media affects people. Marketing, advertising, branding and media thrive off of the impact that repeated images and concepts have on the individual psyche. Communications professionals understand this and use it to the advantage of their clients. The average…

The Best Marketing on the Planet

. . . grassroots marketing is probably one of your most effective business tools. It’s most effective, because it relies on the massive power of word of mouth which remains the top form of marketing.

In the Eyes of the Beholder: Perception Marketing

Perceptions about regions, groups and populations often shape who we will and will not do business with and where we choose to visit or vacation. In essence, perception adds up to dollars and cents.