Communication for Impact

In the early days it was easy to communicate any message you wanted regardless of the verity of it.  Those with access to mainstream media, powerful television and radio stations and crafty marketing agencies were able to create the narrative they wanted. Viewers were to be counted and not heard–regardless of how skewed the depiction….

Saving Your Self: Social Media

The US has the highest social media penetration of any country. but the U.S is not alone, now more than ever, people around the world are logging on.

Dirty Little Secrets of Social Media’s Back Alley

But, then the algorithms changes just kept changing. From Google, to Facebook, to Instagram, Twitter and more, it became harder to find what you wanted or to even see posts and shares from people you actually followed…

Plan of Attack: Making Social Media, social again.

Your Social Brand: Consider your social media interactions as a part of your personal brand. Ask a friend or relative look through your social media and tell you their impressions. This will help you understand better how you come across on social media. Having your social media appraised annually by a friend, family member or professional is a good idea.

Social Media Survival Guide

As a communications professional and social media manager, I often see all of the positives that social media can bring. I engage on social media primarily for business and I am always thrilled about my results. Even in my personal social media account, I made a decision to change my strategy from aggregating a large…

Finding Purpose in Work

There is a huge myth out there that one should find meaning in the work that s/he does.  While I agree that enjoying work is important I think we have forgotten that for many years people did pretty ordinary things like farm land, cut down trees, build houses and dig wells.  In fact, I believe…

If Content is King, Planning is Queen

One of your greatest assets as a businesses or entrepreneur is targeted content.  Not just any content, but targeted, deliberate content.  If you are an entrepreneur, even a small business you can create a small to large following by writing a great blog or offering tips, advice and really relevant information to your clientele or…

Creating the Agenda: Trend vs. Trendsetter

Advertisers, businesses and agencies want to stay relevant. It is apart of how we tap into national and social trends that help us to speak more clearly to the populations we wish to influence. However, many companies do not realize the power they wield to actually influence the conversation and sway the trend.

King Content: 3 Tips to Improve Business Content

Small businesses often struggle with content.  In fact, small newspapers and magazines often struggle with content.  Many struggle, because they are not aware of the resources that are out there to help them succeed.  Sometimes, you cannot do everything, and content is one of those areas I gladly advice small businesses, entrepreneurs, magazines and others…