Exporting Small Businesses

Census data from 2016 revealed that of the nearly 6 million businesses employing Americans in the U.S., 99.7 percent were small to medium enterprises (SMEs).  Many economies think that there is a secret to the U.S. success story–and granted, without the boost of American Chattel slavery the nation likely could not have advanced at such…

Congo: The Sleeping Giant Battling Back to Relevance

In 2016, the Democratic Republic of the Congo had a GDP of just over $32 Billion USD.  These numbers are staggering for a nation with a population of 83 billion souls and a 800 GDP per capita.  The horror is that the nation leads the world in some of the most precious metals and timber…

Why Africa Needs African-Americans

Yes.  While it may seem like a proud thing to say, it’s simply an observation based on evidence and history.   It is an incontrovertible fact that most developing economies in modern history gained massive strength through its Diaspora. One area African Americans (U.S., Caribbean, South America) can be of greatest help is in the fair…

Creating the Agenda: Trend vs. Trendsetter

Advertisers, businesses and agencies want to stay relevant. It is apart of how we tap into national and social trends that help us to speak more clearly to the populations we wish to influence. However, many companies do not realize the power they wield to actually influence the conversation and sway the trend.

In the Eyes of the Beholder: Perception Marketing

Perceptions about regions, groups and populations often shape who we will and will not do business with and where we choose to visit or vacation. In essence, perception adds up to dollars and cents.