Plan of Attack: Making Social Media, social again.

Your Social Brand: Consider your social media interactions as a part of your personal brand. Ask a friend or relative look through your social media and tell you their impressions. This will help you understand better how you come across on social media. Having your social media appraised annually by a friend, family member or professional is a good idea.

Defy Your Niche: Why Diversification Matters

While it’s true that you want to hone what you’re good at, it’s an incontrovertible fact that companies that didn’t just stick to their first product offering excelled most.  You have to be able to see new avenues in your field and other fields to stay competitive. There is a great book by an Entrepreneur…

In the Eyes of the Beholder: Perception Marketing

Perceptions about regions, groups and populations often shape who we will and will not do business with and where we choose to visit or vacation. In essence, perception adds up to dollars and cents.