The Recession the West Needs

By all indications, it looks as though the world is moving into another recession.

And that’s good. Yes, that’s fantastic for the Fractal Banking system. Especially for the world banking system and the dollar.

On Entropy: The Shifting World

As children, sometimes the most asinine things earn our attention.  At least in the old days they did, back when children played with toys that didn’t talk back or require a lithium battery to operate. One of those old affects was the proverbial spinning top. An awkward space-ship looking toy that, with the right torque…

Saving the Dollar: Shifting Priorities in a Dying Monetary System.

It looks like China has beat the U.S. to the punch once again, devaluing its currency to just above its customary 7:1 ratio. The move is key in the equilibrium of the money ratios that determine the costs of goods and services. It is key to view the developments with the understanding that U.S. talks…