Five African Proverbs for Travel

Every year around this time at we find nuggets of wisdom from our ancestors to help in areas of business, life and more. This year we explore proverbs for travel (work, leisure or migration). There will be a special bonus proverbs article for readers to send in their own favorites for October. SEND HERE:…

Quantifying Brazil’s Economically Inactive Citizens

Brazil boasts of a population of nearly 208 million people of which it is estimated that 90.2 million are economically active.  This is an important aspect of economics and population to consider, as there yet remains those in less developed areas that survive on subsistence farming and more traditional forms of self-sustenance beyond the unemployed….

In the Eyes of the Beholder: Perception Marketing

Perceptions about regions, groups and populations often shape who we will and will not do business with and where we choose to visit or vacation. In essence, perception adds up to dollars and cents.