Thank You 2022!

Welcome to the last 2022 blog!  It has been a great year with lots of exciting changes around the world. I am particularly excited about what 2023 holds in store for communications,  technology and world changes. I am hopeful for the future,  particularly for developing economies and emerging producers.  It is time for those in…

Communication for Impact

In the early days it was easy to communicate any message you wanted regardless of the verity of it.  Those with access to mainstream media, powerful television and radio stations and crafty marketing agencies were able to create the narrative they wanted. Viewers were to be counted and not heard–regardless of how skewed the depiction….

Sensitizating Local Populations Through Visual Media

The human eye processes more images per second than some human technology. Humans have the capacity to translate complex data in microseconds. Visual media is able to communicate ideas quickly and effectively because it engages two of our most powerful senses: sight and sound. From the days of word-of-mouth to today, media has continued to…

Marketing Missteps: “Because-I-Said-So Marketing”

Perhaps one of the largest handicaps in the marketing world is a homogeneous creative team. This is particularly true when hoping to reach diverse or dissimilar audiences. I like to call it “Because-I-Said-So Marketing,” its marketing that is so tone deaf and devoid of research that it makes the target market question not only the…

The Best Marketing on the Planet: Grassroots

. . . grassroots marketing is probably one of your most effective business tools. It’s most effective, because it relies on the massive power of word of mouth which remains the top form of marketing.

Democratizing The News Cycle

The concept that the top news networks would be held by only a few powerful companies used to be a point of high contention for most journalists. The idea that messaging and news would be held in the hands of a powerful few is the worste nightmare of a true journalist (and quite honestly, humanity)….

Saving Your Self: Social Media

The US has the highest social media penetration of any country. but the U.S is not alone, now more than ever, people around the world are logging on.

Dirty Little Secrets of Social Media’s Back Alley

But, then the algorithms changes just kept changing. From Google, to Facebook, to Instagram, Twitter and more, it became harder to find what you wanted or to even see posts and shares from people you actually followed…

Plan of Attack: Making Social Media, social again.

Your Social Brand: Consider your social media interactions as a part of your personal brand. Ask a friend or relative look through your social media and tell you their impressions. This will help you understand better how you come across on social media. Having your social media appraised annually by a friend, family member or professional is a good idea.

Social Media Survival Guide

As a communications professional and social media manager, I often see all of the positives that social media can bring. I engage on social media primarily for business and I am always thrilled about my results. Even in my personal social media account, I made a decision to change my strategy from aggregating a large…

Forward: A Saga

There are 322 million people in the United States, of that population, and of that population 33.1 million or 10 percent are legal immigrants. Many people from around the globe see immigration as a force of forward movement.  The goal is to move from one environment to a better on suited for the pursuits, hopes…

Protect Your Creativity: Is Media Working For or Against You?

I’m a writer, and I love to write.  But usually, when I sit down to pen a magna carta—I often shut out all other media (radio, tv, news, ads, even music with too many repetitive lyrics).  Media is powerful, and it can influence your choices in many ways.  More importantly, those choices can be detrimental. …