Toolkit Essentials: Diplomatic Segue

According to international relations analysts and political theory, there are two kinds of power: Hard Power and Soft Power.  Gunships, nuclear weapons and capable standing military fall squarely under hard power, while Diplomacy lies quietly under the banner of soft Power. We would be remiss not to acknowledge that both kinds of power wield palpable…

Haiti: An Opportunity Missed

It has largely been the victim of those who came to “save” it from recent misfortunes. The imperative to create more inclusive systems of economic, trade and finance beckons even more.

Let The People Go: The International Way Forward We All Know

At the beginnin of the year, Italy made a salacious statement. It accused France of impoverishing Africa. Italy sighted the manipulation of the French controlled CFA Franc which many see as the heart of fancophone Africa’s financial woes. Much like the world’s antiquated financial system, built arbitrarily on the values assigned by former colonial powers,…

A Resurgence of Bilateral Agreements

As recently as January 2019, Norway signed a Bilateral Maritime Arrangement with the United States. According to an official release by the Kingdom, the arrangement that “advances maritime threat response collaboration between the two nations.” The arrangement has far reaching applications and may indicate a critical pivot for the Norwegian nation on the international stage….

Here’s Why Today’s Hard Work Will Not Make You Rich

Perhaps one of the biggest myths is that hard work equals success. This is a concept strongly held in Western tradition, despite its historic and present day inaccuracies. The hidden assumption behind the hard work trope is that the “worker” will be able to enjoy the production value behind his/her own hard work. This is…