New Perspectives in Economics and Geopolitics

As you know, the blog at is being segmented to better fit the audience. This approach actually includes you! The Economy and World politics segment of the blog seeks to include voices beyond the mainstream. Often, it is beyond big box media that you will find what is really happening in the world and…

The Best Marketing on the Planet: Grassroots

. . . grassroots marketing is probably one of your most effective business tools. It’s most effective, because it relies on the massive power of word of mouth which remains the top form of marketing.

Italy’s Money Challenge: From Austerity to Freedom

Italy has faced a massive influx of foreign national and refugees to its shores, and recently made incendiary statements regarding Frances’ role in the continuing instability in Africa. Italy’s inflammatory statements likely comes out of a state of frustration and helplessness, as it grapples to handle its own economic instability and the steady consuming wave…

The Economics of Dominance: A New World Order

Just when it seemed a comprise had been reached between China and the US on trade; there was the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou. Arrested in Canada for extradition on December 1, Meng faces charges levied by the US Justice Department. The unusual case has come under scrutiny and garnered nervous murmurs from sectors…

Born A Woman: Dignity Defined

Women need to be acknowledged for the plight they’ve faced throughout the world. Ask any man if he’d like to trade historic places with women from whatever locale he hails and I’m not sure many would agree.